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These articles were taken from Google cache, as Newspapers.com no longer hosts the KC Star archives, and include some inescapable errors.

The Kansas City Star, 06 Aug 1937 · Page 12 
Former Kansas City Pharmacist Who Turned to Crime Is Accused in Neosho, Mo., Bank Holdup. Harry O. Blee, 33-year-old member of the one time Walter (Irish) O’Malley gang of bank bandits and kidnappers, who had been working under another name the last year in a garage in Los Angeles while federal agents sought him, was safe today in the county jail here, facing trial for a bank holdup. Blee was returned to Kansas City today under heavy guard to face trial on an indictment charging him with participating in the $ 20,000 holdup March 2, 1935, of the First National bank of Neosho, Mo. He is accused of being one of seven O’Malley gangsters who raided the bank. He denies the charge.

ARRESTED JULY 18. Special agents of the F. B. I. arrested Blee July 18 while he was working on a motor car in the garage. Blee boasted today that the garage in which he had been employed was in the same block in which the Los Angeles field office of the F. B. I. was located. "But they finally caught up with me,’’ he commented. A heavy guard of armed F. B. I. agents and other officers was placed around Blee as he was led from a train at the union station, through the station lobby and into a waiting motor car. In the armed escort were A. E. (Gyp) Farland and three other F. B. I. agents; Roy Webb, deputy United States marshal, and W. P. Jackson ,1 deputy sheriff of Las Angeles County, California, and Robert E. Clark, United States marshal from Southern California, who accompanied the prisoner here. Blee was shackled to another prisoner during the trip and until he was taken to the federal buiding here.

QUESTIONED HERE. Blee was questioned at the F. B. I. office in the Federal Reserve bank building immediately after the trip from the Union station. Jackson said Blee had had little to say on the trip and created no disturbance. "But he’s the toughest fellow I’ve ever handled,” Jackson said at the federal building. Blee will remain in the county jail under $50,000 bond, pending his trial. J arson pCrjury ancj felonious assault. The cases of the other six charged Bjee was tried here in March. 1930 , on with him in the indictment here have | been disposed of. O’Malley, although indicted in the Neosho robbery, was turned over to Illinois authorities and pleaded guilty to the spectacular kidnapping several years ago of August Luer, wealthy banker of Alton, 111. Clarence Sparger, another member of the gang, now is serving a 25-year sentence at Leavenworth penitentiary upon a plea of guilty here to participation in the Neosho robbery. Several other members of the gang were sent to prison for the robbery.

ARRESTED SEVERAL TIMES. Blee started out in Kansas City several years ago as a pharmacist, Henry L. Dillingham, marshal. The agents did not say and he did not know how the F. B. I. men trailed him to the garage. Blee left his wife in Los Angeles.

The Kansas City Star, 03 Feb 1929, pg. 16
Florence Jean Blee, 22 years old, died yesterday at St. Vincent’s hospital. She leaves her husband, Harry O'Brien Blee, and two daughters. Norma Blee and Mary Blee. »12 of the home. 802 the Pasco; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Botkin; two brothers, John Botkin and Charles 8. Botkin, all of Salisbury, Mo., and three sisters. Miss Mary Botkin and Miss Margaret Botkin, also of Salisbury, and Mira Helen Botkin.

These articles were taken from Google cache, as Newspapers.com no longer hosts the KC Star archives, and include some inescapable errors.