Harry O. Blee III Prison Record (PDF 95mb)

Kansas City Pharmacy Arson Case
"Police Investigate Kansas City Fire" 06 Aug 1929 (PDF)
"Three Indicted In Arson Plot In Kansas City" 15 Aug 1929 (PDF)
"7 Indictments Returned In Fatal Blast At K.C." 16 Aug 1929 (PDF)

Irish O'Malley Gang Neosho Bank Robbery
"A Daring Robbery Nets Three $18,000" 02 Mar 1935 (PDF)
"Three Bandits Get Big Loot At Neosho..." 02 Mar 1935 (PDF)
"Rob Bank At Neosho Of $18,000" 02 Mar 1935 (PDF)
"Neosho, MO., Bank Looted By Three Men..." 02 Mar 1935 (PDF)
"Trio In Raid On Bank At Neosho" 03 Mar 1935 (PDF)
"Last Of Gang Off To Prison" 19 May 1936 (PDF)
"Charged With Part In Neosho Robbery" 19 Jul 1937 (PDF)
"Denies Robbery of Neosho, MO. Bank" 19 Jul 1937 (PDF)
"To Bring Back Neosho Bank Robbery Suspect" 20 Jul 1937 (PDF)
"Suspect Arrested" 20 Jul 1937 (PDF)
"Bank Robber Suspect Arrested" 20 Jul 1937 (PDF)
"Guard At Station As Prisoner Arrives" 06 Aug 1937 (PDF)
"Heavy Guard For Bank Robber" 06 Aug 1937 (PDF)
"Blee Pleads Innocent" 11 Nov 1937 (PDF)
"Harry Blee Prisoner In Newton Co. Jail" 09 Jun 1938 (PDF)
"Given 25 Years For Bank Holdup" 14 Jun 1938 (PDF)
"O'Malley Is Taken Back To Prison" 14 Jun 1938 (PDF)
"O'Malley Not To Be Prosecuted At Joplin" 14 Jun 1938 (PDF)
"Harry Blee Gets Twenty-Five Years" 16 Jun 1938 (PDF)

Related events
Harry O. Blee II dies at wife's grave 15 Jun 1927 (PDF)
Harry O. Blee III visits former in-laws 18 Dec 1934 (PDF)
Harry O. Blee III obituary 21 Feb 1960 (PDF)
A. T. Rowe obituary 18 Nov 1968 (PDF)

Harry Blee I Passport Application (PDF)
Elizabeth Woods Blee Certificate of Death 23 Apr 1926 (PDF)
Florence Botkin Blee Certificate of Death 02 Feb 1929 (PDF)

Morgan, R. D. Irish O'Malley and the Ozark Mountain Boys. New Forums Press, 2011. 

Note: In his prison file, Harry repeatedly names his mother Mary but her name appears as Elizabeth in documents. The same thing happens with his sister's name.